Yellowing Test Kit

Phenolic yellowing

One of many colour fastness tests, this is a predictive test to assess the potential of white or pastel-coloured yarns, fabrics or garments to yellow (garment yellowing). Our Test Kit is the original, developed by Courtaulds Research, for investigating complaints arising from transit or storage yellowing. Beware of copies and counterfeit products, which do not produce accurate or consistent results or might cause health and safety issues.



Loading our Incubator/Oven with Perspirometers ready to test.



Checking the control fabric to confirm the validity of the test.



Assessing the intensity of yellowing of the tested specimens.


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Incubator oven for perspirometer tests


Incubator/Oven maintains prescribed test temperature of 50°C.


Grey scales for assessing stain levels


Grey Scale (colour change) to assess the degree of yellowing.



Perspirometer with glass plates and impregnated test papers to sandwich the test specimens.




  • Adidas 5.10

Arcadia Group

  • Arcadia AG16


  • BHS TM 45


  • EN ISO 105-X18


  • M&S C20B


  • Tesco Appendix D and Appendix N

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