Colour fastness and thermal stability tester

For textile laboratories, dyehouses and finishers the James Heal ThermaPlate offers full flexibility, enabling users to test colour fastness, sublimation fastness and thermal stability for all known retailers and international methods on the same instrument.

The size of the hotplate on this scorch tester (210mm x 210mm) allows for standards which require a larger sample, for example M&S P10.



ThermaPlate is fitted with the James Heal UniController, an intuitive way to control temperature and timing settings. UniController enhances the functionality of ThermaPlate; the push rotate selector minimises training time and makes the instrument very easy to use.

UniController on ThermaPlate scorch tester, sublimation tester, colour fastness tester

Key Benefits


ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester, elmendorf tear tester - seven inch capacitive touch screen


The temperature for each plate is set by independent digital controllers with +/- 1°C accuracy. Setting and monitoring temperature can be done with ease.


ThermaPlate Colour Fastness and Thermal Stability Scorch Tester - User safety


A range of features ensure the ThermaPlate is optimised for user safety, including cool exterior surfaces and a warning light for temperatures over 60°c.


ThermaPlate - Colour fastness tester, thermal stability tester, scorch tester - precise timings


A digital timer, pre-settable via the UniController, is activated by pressing the selector button once the lid is closed and the plates are at temperature.


ThermaPlate Thermal Stability Tester, Colour Fastness Tester, Scorch Tester - Specimen platform


Useful for assembling composite specimens and for the speedy removal of hot specimens to enable efficient testing of the next specimen.


ThermaPlate Scorch Tester - thermocouple for M&S P10 standard


A temperature measuring kit allows the operator to perform verification checks on the hot plates to confirm they are working correctly between calibration visits.


ThermaPlate thermal stability and colour fastness tester with full range of test materials


A full range of test materials for the ThermaPlate are sized to achieve the correct operating pressure, to reduce preparation time.


ThermaPlate Scorch Tester for colour fastness and thermal stability testing - easy to calibrate


Easy to Calibrate

  • The top plate is designed so that its weight (and the subsequent pressure on the specimen) can be easily checked
  • The instrument is supplied with an ISO Certificate of Calibration, confirming accurate testing
  • We offer annual service and calibration visits to maintain the reliability and accuracy of the instrument
  • The temperature measurement kit checks the plates in between calibration visits



  • AATCC 117
  • AATCC 133


  • adidas 5.09


  • EN ISO 105-P01
  • EN ISO 105-X11


  • JIS 0850
  • JIS L 0879


  • M&S C13
  • M&S P10


  • GB 6152 Colour Fastness to Hot Pressing

Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your Thermaplate:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Breakdown Support
  • Applications Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Service and Calibration

Find out more about our full support services.

Accessories and Spares

With tests ranging from dry heat shrinkage to sublimation fastness you will need quality test materials to get the very best from your ThermaPlate. We recommend using genuine James Heal materials to ensure accuracy of testing. The following test materials complement ThermaPlate:

  • European Multifibre
  • American Multifiber
  • Woven Felt
  • Cotton Limbric
  • ISO Grey Scales for Colour Change and Staining
  • AATCC Gray Scales for Color Change and Staining

Find out more about our Test Materials.

ThermaPlate Flyer

Further information on the the key benefits and the dimensions of the ThermaPlate, Colour Fastness and Stability Tester, is available on this flyer.


ThermaPlate Sublimation Fastness & Thermal Stability Tester Flyer

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