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Photographic Standards

Assessing the appearance of specimens

In spite of the increasing sophistication of our instrumentation, standard, graded photographs are still widely used for the assessment of specimens in evaluating surface changes after testing. To ensure absolute consistency from batch to batch and to make the photographic references as easy as possible to use, they are produced in-house and under strictly controlled conditions.



We have the facilities and expertise to produce sets of special photographic standards to meet your precise needs.



Standard photographs being used to assess tested specimens in our own ISO 17025 compliant laboratories.



We stock a comprehensive range of American AATCC and ASTM standard photographs and replicas.



Great Partnerships



Use our pilling and snag photographs with Orbitor: pilling and snagging tester.



Use our pilling photographs with Martindale: pilling and abrasion tester.



Use our SnagPod photographs with SnagPod: snagging resistance tester.



Pilling Tests

  • ASTM D 3512
  • ASTM D4970
  • BS 5811
  • M&S P17
  • M&S P18B
  • Woolmark TM 152
  • Woolmark TM196


  • AATCC 88B
  • EN ISO 15487
  • ISO 7770


  • ASTM D3939 (Mace)
  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)

Stain Release

  • AATCC 130

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