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Dispensing System CADS MG – iCombo

To ensure the fastest possible speed of dispensing and good repetition

•  Combination of solution maker and dispenser, Compact size
•  Color formula available, with recorded and traceable dispensing result Gravimetric dispensing to get accurate and good reproducibility

Model CADS MG iCombo
Number of 1L tubeless bottles 19
Number of 0.8L tubeless bottles 38
Total number of tubeless bottles 57
Number of dedicated aux. bottles 4
Size of aux. bottles incl. refill (5L)
Number of Scale 2
Min. diameter of dye pot (mm) 50
Flow rate of tubeless valves (g/min) 100~240
Include CAMS(PLC) Yes
Power Wattage for dispenser side 1KVA
Power Wattage for solution maker side 3.5KVA
Control Kernel PLC

Layout Drawing

CADS MG iCombo 57/08


Special actuator module, high speed dispensing

Tubeless dispensing, high accuracy


Special actuator module, high speed dispensing

Automatic Pressurize Design for Auxiliary & Water Bottles

Product Brochure

The product brochure contains in-depth details in an easy to download format.

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