For colour fastness and shrinkage testing

We manufacture a comprehensive range of reference detergents, specified in many European and International standards. We have sophisticated production facilities, overseen by textile technologists, who ensure that the composition and performance of products are fully compliant with the specifications. We stock the full range of AATCC detergents for American standards and test methods.



The detergents are subject to rigorous performance testing in both our own and external laboratories.



Our detergents are delivered in convenient and sturdy plastic tubs (2kg) or fibre drums (15 or 90kg).



Each container of reference detergent is labelled with a precise product description and a list of thestandards with which it conforms.



Great Partnerships


Gyrowash fabric and textile testing


Use our Detergents with Gyrowash: washing and dry cleaning colour fastness tester.



Use our Detergents with Dynawash: garment and printed fabric durability tester.


Wascator Standard European Washing Machine


Use our Detergents with Wascator: standardised European washing machine instrument.




  • AATCC 124
  • AATCC 130
  • AATCC 135
  • AATCC 143
  • AATCC 150
  • AATCC 172
  • AATCC 179
  • AATCC 188
  • AATCC 190
  • AATCC 61
  • AATCC 88B
  • AATCC 88C
  • AATCC 96


  • BS 5651: 1989


  • EN 26330: 1990 (ISO 6330: 1984)
  • EN 26330: 1994 (ISO 6330: 1984)


  • EN ISO 105 C01-C05 (superceded by EN ISO 105-C10)
  • EN ISO 105 C06: 2010
  • EN ISO 105 C08
  • EN ISO 105 C09
  • EN ISO 105 C10
  • EN ISO 10525: 1995
  • EN ISO 10528: 1995
  • EN ISO 12138
  • EN ISO 26330: 1994 (ISO 6330: 1984)
  • EN ISO 6330:2000


  • IEC 60456


  • ISO 6330:1984

Certificates of Conformity

Free Certificates

Most of our test materials come with free certificates of conformity. Download a real Detergent certificate of conformity to see for yourself. Log in or register an account with us to access all certificates.

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