Blue Wool Standards

For Testing Colour Fastness to Light Testing

Blue Wool Standards (BWS) are used for light and weathering fastness testing. We supply Blue Wools in pieces or in strips bonded to card to accommodate your preferences.

Light fastness testing of blue wool


Every batch is checked for compliance against the master before it is released.


Blue wool strips for colour fastness tests


Use pre-mounted Blue Wool strips on card to save valuable time and money.


Blue wool textile test materials


Let us design a card for you with standards to match your testing needs.



Blue Wool Variants


We supply ‘European’ Blue Wool Standards (ISO 105-B08), which originate from DEK (Deutsche Echtheitskommission). DEK hold the global master standard for Blue Wools and every batch produced is checked for compliance before it is released.


The American Blue Wools originate from AATCC.

Great Partnerships


TruFade light fastness testing


Use Blue Wool Standards with TruFade: for revolutionary Light Fastness Testing.


light fastness test samples


Blue Wools are used during colour fastness testing.


TruFade light fastness tester


TruFade delivers accurate and reliable results every time.




  • ISO 105-B02

Certificates of Conformity

Free Certificates

Most of our test materials come with free certificates of conformity. Download a real certificate of conformity for Blue Wool Standards to see for yourself. Log in or register an account with us to access all certificates.

Blue Wools Conformity Certificate

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