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AccuDry3 Tumble Dryer

AccuDry3 is a standardised, air-vented, reverse-action, European Tumble Dryer, used to simulate domestic laundering conditions and conduct drying tests and shrinkage testing. It complements perfectly our Wascator standardised washing machine.

The AccuDry3 tumble dryer complies with EN ISO 6330:2012, meets the requirements of Retailers’ specifications, including those of M&S and NEXT and is suitable for TWC-TM 31 and 254.


Designed With You In Mind


AccuDry3 now encompasses both 50Hz and 60Hz within one machine, making it suitable for use in more countries around the world. Speak to us for more details.


An easy to remove compartment makes preventing the build up of lint quick and convenient, keeping your AccuDry performing well.


A IEC C19/C20 type connector has been added for ease of installation. This removes the need to cut wires and install new plugs.


AccuDry3 UniController
AccuDry3 is equipped with an intuitive Unicontroller – a smart and innovative interface which allows you to programme operation of the machine in less that three steps.

It allows the user to set the temperature, test time and cooling time, meaning each test can be completely customised to meet your requirements.



  • EN ISO 6330:2012


  • M&S P1A


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The Woolmark Company

  • Woolmark TM 254
  • Woolmark TM 31

AccuDry3 Brochure

The product brochure contains in-depth details about AccuDry3 in an easy to download format.

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