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AccuDry3 Tumble Dryer

Category: Instruments

AccuDry3 is a standardised, air-vented, reverse-action, European Tumble Dryer, used to simulate domestic laundering conditions and conduct drying tests and shrinkage testing. It complements perfectly our Wascator standardised washing machine. The AccuDry3 tumble dryer complies with EN ISO 6330:2012, meets the requirements of Retailers' specifications, including those of M&S and NEXT and is suitable for TWC-TM 31 a Read more »

Colour Assessment Cabinets

Category: Instruments Light Booth

VeriVide’s Colour Assessment Cabinet (CAC) offers immediate colour viewing in consistent, controllable lighting conditions. CACs instantly remove problems caused by the variability of natural daylight, and are a highly cost-effective way to ensure colour accuracy and product quality. Read more »

Crease Recovery Tester

Category: Instruments

A crease is formed in a test specimen by applying a specified pressure in a separate Loading Device. The crease recovery tester measures the angle of recovery and is used to define Easy Care and Easy Iron labelling. The crease recovery angle (CR angle) indicates the ability of the fabric to recover to its original state. Alternative weights for the Loading Device exist to meet the differing requirements of European (eg ISO 2313, EN 22313 & M&S P22) and American (eg AATCC 66) standards. Read more »


Category: Instruments

Colour fastness to rubbing tester Colour fastness to rubbing is the most basic of colour fastness tests, yet Crockmaster is designed with exquisite attention to detail. Our product designers focused on your testing needs to ensure our crockmeter is simple to use and versatile. Available as a manual or motorised device, Crockmaster is used to determine colour fastness to wet and dry rubbing. Read more »


Category: Instruments

One Instrument, Many Applications We’ve used our expertise in Martindale testing to create the DurAbrasion, a flexible abrasion instrument which can be used across a broad range of products. It’s ideal for research and development, and for those who don’t have a test method for their product. Testing that can be completed on the DurAbrasion includes wet and damp testing, lacquers, coatings, wood, laminates, paints, textiles, thick samples, liquids, sprays, powders, straps, rop Read more »

Dynawash & DynaWash Duo

Category: Instruments

Garment and printed fabric durability tester For laboratories performing a high volume of repeated wash tests, DynaWash (pictured) and DynaWash Duo will provide a life time of laundering in a fraction of the time. Now with the James Heal touchscreen user interface, the most simple to use controller for textile testing. Designed alongside textile technicians in a working laboratory, this intuitive user interface offers testing which is simple to set up.   Read more »


Category: Instruments

Elastomeric Abrasion Tester The ElastAbrasion, compliant with Standard PV3984, was developed in the UK and subsequently tested and approved by Volkswagen in Germany. Comparative tests indicate savings in cost and time of around 80% in comparison to rotary drum (ISO) abrasion testers. Importantly the multi-directional abrasion closely reflects the abrasion of elastomeric components when in situ within a vehicle and consequently provides authentic and accurate results. Read more »


Category: Instruments

For markets as diverse as paper, plastic, nonwoven and textiles, ElmaTear is the only software driven Electronic Elmendorf tear tester that offers 1⁄4 A to E pendulums. This allows laboratories to increase their range of testing and attract additional business revenue. Twenty pre-programmed standards, organised by material test type, can be easily selected from the main menu screen, with an option to add and edit standards. ElmaTear is further enhanced and supported by Read more »


Category: Instruments

Multi-purpose flammability tester FlexiBurn is our vertical flammability tester. You can use FlexiBurn for testing ease of ignition and the flame spread properties of apparel, curtains, drapes, nightwear, toys, protective clothing, technical fabrics, building and other materials. For each material, there are applicable British, European or ISO standards, which set out the precise conditions for these very critical tests. Read more »


Category: Instruments

FlexiFrame is used for stretch, growth and recovery testing in several standards where the use of a tensile tester would be prohibitive due to the time (usually several hours) required for testing. It is supplied as either portable or wall-mounted to suit your laboratory environment. The FlexiFrame is standardised and calibrated, giving you and your customers confidence in the quality and repeatability of your results. A range of accessories are included with the FlexiFrame, including hang Read more »

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