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Service and Calibration

Category: Service & Calibration

Helpful support wherever you are You've invested in James Heal testing instruments and soon you may need our after sales support. Look at the shaded areas of the map. These are locations we have visited recently. Our instrument technicians cross the world, bringing expert care and calibration right into your laboratory. A James Heal calibration label and certificate not only fulfil the requirements of your quality management system, but also create confidence in the minds of accre Read more »

Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Category: Instruments

This instrument is used to determine the appearance of textile fabrics after induced wrinkling. It is applied to both woven and knitted fabrics, made from any fibre or mixture of fibres. Materials which are insufficiently stable, for example those which are limp, thick or have a tendency to curl, can be assessed for wrinkle resistance with this device. The Wrinkle Recovery Tester (WRT) is used to determine easy care labels such as easy iron. A set of weights is supplied to permit compliance with Read more »


Category: Instruments

Standardised European washing machine The Wascator, the latest model being FOM71 CLS, has long since established itself as the standard reference washing machine for textile laboratories. Used to determine shrinkage, dimensional stability and appearance after washing (including wrinkle free assessment), the Wascator meets fully the requirements of European standards (ISO) and of Retailers' Test Methods. Read more »


Category: Instruments

Air-Cooled Light Fastness Tester TruFade is about to make life simpler for you by bringing a totally fresh approach to light fastness testing. Everything about our TruFade light fastness tester has been designed with the user in mind. The height enables you to change lamps without a step ladder. The wide opening test chamber allows you to comfortably load/unload the sample holders. The software makes it really easy to track the fading progress of your samples and the life of the lamp a Read more »


Category: Instruments

Pneumatic bursting strength tester TruBurst, with the TestWise Pro software, offers unprecedented functionality to enable an extensive variety of bursting strength and fatigue tests to be performed on textiles and a wide range of other materials. Read more »


Category: Instruments

We are delighted to announce the launch of Titan5, the latest model of our popular Universal Strength Tester. We have substantially increased the tension and compression capacities of the Titan5, which now provides the capacity to accommodate tests up to 5000 Newtons (5kN). The extensive range of tool-free specimen grips available for the Titan, for many different standards, test methods and materials types, has been further augmented by the introduction of five new tool Read more »


Category: Instruments

Colour fastness and thermal stability tester For textile laboratories, dyehouses and finishers the James Heal ThermaPlate offers full flexibility, enabling users to test colour fastness, sublimation fastness and thermal stability for all known retailers and international methods on the same instrument. The size of the hotplate on this scorch tester (210mm x 210mm) allows for standards which require a larger sample, for example M&S P10. Read more »

Spray Rating Tester

Category: Instruments

Water resistance tester The performance of waterproof materials is a serious business for high-tech fabric manufacturers. But how do you test the water repellency of materials? Our Spray Rating Tester (SRT) performs a shower test to determine the resistance of fabric to surface wetting by water. Easy handling and precise components ensures accurate and convenient testing. Read more »


Category: Instruments

Snagging resistance tester James Heal led the development of the SnagPod to solve the problem of testing for undesirable loops on the surface of garments, for which a suitable method did not exist. With the support of prominent retails and test houses, we created a chamber which is octagonal in shape and incorporates four pinned snagging bars, which are inclined forwards in the direction of rotation. It tests for the appearance of indesirable loops on the surface of garments, and is Read more »

Sample Cutters

Category: Instruments

Sample Cutters cut out specimens of fixed diameter. Specimens may be woven, nonwoven or knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, paper or board. The most popular sizes are 100cm2, 50cm2 and 10cm2. Subject to quantity considerations, we can make any size up to 140mm diameter specimen cutters. We offer Kern Balances for weighing cut samples to complement our circular cutters. Read more »

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